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How do you bet on the lottery online?


Betting on lottery draw results online is simple, safe, and secure. Here’s what you need to know to start playing.

  • Choose from the lotteries listed on our site.
  • Fill in your bets online in the same manner as if you were purchasing lottery tickets.
  • Select your numbers manually, or by using a random Quick Pick selection.
  • Click BET to complete your order.
  • Pay for your bets and confirm the purchase.
  • Receive an automatic email notification when the order is complete.

Playing Options

Standard – Place your bets as one-time entries, multi-draw packages, or subscriptions.

Syndicate – Purchase shares in a group entry with pre-selected numbers.

Bundle – Combine a personal Standard entry with shares of a Syndicate group entry.

Multi-Draw – Bet in a set number of draws in advance at a discounted price.

Subscription – Bet in every consecutive draw of your favourite lottery until you cancel. Pay for the entries as the draws take place.


How will I know the rules of the different lotteries on the site?


There is no need to be a lottery expert to bet on the lottery online! All the lottery forms are formatted to fit the rules of the game. To make your bet, fill in the form with the available number selection.


What are the different ways to select my numbers when playing the lottery?


When betting on any of the lotteries we offer online, you can select numbers manually (Natural Selection), have your numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick) or choose to use preselected numbers (My Lucky Numbers).


What is the My Lucky Numbers feature?


If you have a set of favourite numbers for a certain lottery, you can save them so you do not have to fill them out manually each time you play. To save your Lucky Numbers for a specific lottery, go to its Play form and fill in your entrie(s) with your favourite numbers. Then click the floppy disk icon on the right side of the "My Lucky Numbers" button to save your selected numbers. The next time you play that lottery and wish to use your stored Lucky Numbers, just click the "My Lucky Numbers" button to fill the form. To change your Lucky Numbers, just follow the same exact steps (select your desired numbers and click the floppy disk icon to save). This will override the previous selection and update your Lucky Numbers with your new favourite numbers. You can save different sets of lucky numbers for each individual lottery you play.


Do I have to fill in all the lines in a form?


Yes. We require a minimum purchase of 2-6 lines, depending on the lottery, to cover basic service fees and the wide variety of free services we offer. If you do not complete the required number selection, the system will fill in the missing numbers for you using quick pick.


What is a bonus number?


A bonus number allows a lottery to add additional secondary prize categories to give players more opportunities to win prizes. Players do not have the option to select which bonus number they’d like to play. Bonus numbers are drawn last from the same drum as the main numbers.

How do bonus numbers work?

Say the jackpot winning numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the bonus ball is 6. The player, or players, who correctly matched all five main numbers will win the jackpot. However, if a player selected 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 they’ll have matched four out of five main numbers, plus the bonus ball, and will be eligible for a 4+1 prize worth more than simply matching four out of five numbers.

When you check lottery results on the site, the bonus number will appear in blue at the top of the screen and as X+1 in the prize breakdown.


What is an additional number (Powerball)?


In a lottery, an additional number is a number that a player must choose in addition to the main numbers. Lotteries currently offer one or two additional numbers. The additional number comes from a separate guess range, appears on the play slip in a separate matrix, and is drawn from a separate drum. Lotteries that feature additional numbers require that a player matches all the main numbers as well as the additional number to win the jackpot.

Lotteries include additional numbers to make the play format more exciting, offer more prize categories, and offer higher jackpots.

US Powerball was the first lottery to use an additional number, which they named the Powerball and from which the lottery got its current name. To this day, an additional number may also be known as a Powerball.

When looking at prize categories, additional number will be indicated by “PB.” For example, the first prize of the EuroMillions prize breakdown is 5 + 2 PB.


What is Mega Millions Megaplier feature?


The Mega Millions Megaplier feature allows players to increase non-jackpot prizes by multiplying the original amount by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times, depending on the Megaplier number drawn. The 2nd prize of matching 5 numbers on a Megaplier bet ($1,000,000) will be multiplied by 2-5 time, for a prize ranging between $2 million and $5 million.

To make a bet with the Megaplier feature:

1. Choose the USA Mega Millions lottery
2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form
3. Mark the Megaplier checkbox located below the form (the additional cost will be reflected automatically in the total cost)
4. Click the “Play” button to proceed to checkout.

The results of the Megaplier number can be viewed with the regular winning numbers on the Mega Millions Results page.

Please note: the Megaplier applies to all lines on the bet, multiplying players' potential wins and affecting the price of the ticket accordingly.


What is the Powerball Power Play feature?


The Power Play feature allows players to increase prizes in the bottom seven prize tiers (excluding the jackpot and second prize) by 2-10 times, depending on Power Play number drawn.

With the Power Play included in a player’s entry, the second prize of $1 million is doubled to $2 million. The other non-jackpot prizes are multiplied by the Power Play number. The 10X multiplier is only in play when the advertised jackpot annuity is $150 million or less.

To place a bet with the Power Play feature:

1. Choose the US Powerball lottery
2. Select your lucky numbers on the play form
3. Mark the Power Play checkbox located below the form (the additional cost will be reflected automatically on the total cost)
4. Click the “Bet” button to proceed to checkout.

The result of the Power Play number can be viewed with the regular winning numbers on the US Powerball Results page.

Please note: the Power Play applies to all lines of the bet, multiplying players' potential wins and affecting the price of the bet accordingly.


What is a systematic form (6-14 numbers)?


A systematic form allows you to boost your chances of winning by entering the draw with all possible combinations of your lucky numbers.

You are required to fill in a single line with a specific amount of numbers that is higher than the minimum requirement per line, from which all possible combinations are generated.

On Lotto Simple, you are welcome to choose 6-14 lucky numbers, depending on the availability of this play option in the lottery you select. Lotteries which offer systematic forms will have a systematic tab on the play page. The total number of lines generated will appear in the systematic tab.

For example, in EuroMillions, you are invited to choose 6 -10 numbers for your systematic form. You will first need to choose the type of systematic form (6 numbers, 7 numbers, 8 numbers, 9 numbers, 10 numbers) you wish to play. Should you choose 6 numbers, a total of 6 lines will be generated from the numbers you choose in the numbered grid. Should you choose 10 numbers a total of 252 lines will be generated; each line made up of a different combination of your lucky numbers.

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