How Betting with Lotto Simple Bundles Works

Bundles combine the best of all worlds when you bet on the outcome of lottery draws. These tailor-made package deals include a Personal Bet as well as shares of lottery syndicates. With the Personal Bet you select your own numbers. If your bet wins, you get to claim the entire prize amount for yourself! With the syndicate shares you have the benefit of betting more lines to boost your winning odds enormously. Bet more but pay less! With Bundles you bet your numbers, more lines, and you save more!

Why Bet with a Lottery Bundle?

  • Bet with more lottery lines for a fraction of the cost.

  • Choose from a variety of Bundle offerings on the biggest lottery draws.

  • Play with your own Lucky Numbers on a Personal Entry as well as with pre-selected number combinations.

How It Works

When you bet on the outcome of the biggest lottery draws you can win millions with your Personal Bet and thousands more with your syndicate shares, and all this in a lottery bundle that will cut your costs and boost your odds in one exciting package deal.

If you have favourite lucky numbers but like to bet as part of a lottery syndicate, a Bundle is perfect for you! With Bundles everything is extremely simple. You choose your numbers as well as a cost-saving Bundle, and we’ll do all the rest. (Including crediting you with your winnings).

The Different Types of Bundles

When you purchase a lottery bundle you have a choice between a maximum of three different bundles per draw. Bundles may vary depending on the particular lottery and draw, but they always include a Personal Bet and at least one syndicate share. Some of the bundles offered for the biggest lotteries include more syndicate lines and therefore more chances to win prizes. This is because these bundles, with their improved odds, will attract more participants. Smaller bundles are offered to smaller lotteries. You can see the number of lines and shares included in a particular bundle by clicking “More Details”.

Bundle Terms Explained

Personal Bet
Every Bundle includes a Personal Bet, which is one line of numbers which you select at the time of purchase. You can specify your lucky numbers or alternatively, choose randomly with a Quick Pick. If your Personal Bet numbers come up in the official lottery draw, the prizes are entirely yours.

Syndicate Bets
The number of syndicate lines that are bet depends on the Bundle you choose. As an example, if you choose a 456-line Bundle, this would include your Personal Bet (one line) as well as a share of a 200-line syndicate and a share of a 256-line syndicate. You’ll be betting in total on 457 different unique number combinations with this lottery bundle.

Syndicate Shares
Each syndicate is divided up into shares. For example, if a syndicate has 50 shares, you’ll be entitled to 1/50th of the prizes won by that syndicate (i.e. 2%).

Syndicate Types
There are four different types of syndicates available on our site – from syndicates with numbers which were chosen at random to syndicates which guarantee that at least one number per line will match. You can check the exact syndicate type by clicking on the syndicate.

What Happens When You Win

Lotto Simple will notify you of any wins and your prizes will be credited automatically to your account. You can see a listing of all your wins in your online account.

Any wins resulting from the Personal Bet line which comes as part of your Bundle will be yours entirely. You will receive a proportionate share of the syndicate’s winnings based on the number of shares that you purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions about Betting with Lottery Bundles

Q: What is a lottery Bundle?
A: Bundles are lottery packages that combine a Personal Bet with syndicate shares.
Personal Bet - Pick your own lucky numbers and any prizes you win are yours entirely.
Syndicate shares - With syndicates you bet a large number of lines in a lottery draw and thereby increase your odds to win.
Every Bundle is tailor-made. The number of lines, and the number and type of syndicates vary depending on the lottery and the Bundle.

Q: Can I select my own numbers in a Bundle?
A: Yes, you can select your own numbers on the Personal Bet, which is included as part of your Bundle. Syndicate numbers are preselected at random when they're set up, so you cannot specify these.

Q: How are the Lottery Betting Bundle prizes divided and paid out?
A: Any prize money won through the Personal Bet is entirely yours. Syndicate wins are divided up equally among shareholders. Your total winnings (Personal Bet wins & syndicate wins combined) are paid directly to your personal account.

Q: Can I Subscribe or get a Multi-Draw Package for a Bundle?
A: You can either purchase a Bundle once or opt for a Multi-Draw package for 5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive draws to save up to 25% off the regular cost of participation and ensure that you never miss a draw. Bundle subscriptions are not currently available.