Brazil Mega Sena Betting Results

Winning Numbers

  • 41214414653

Prize Breakdown

Lottery Information

Guess Range 6/60
Offered In Brazil
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH

Winning Odds

Match Winning Odds
6 1:50,063,856
5 1:154,518
4 1:2,332
Did Your Mega Sena Bet Win?

Did your Brazil Mega Sena bet win?

See for yourself if you’re a Mega Sena winner! Simply compare the numbers on your bet to the winning numbers drawn. If all six numbers match - you’re a jackpot winner! The jackpot prize starts at an impressive R$3 million and will keep growing with every rollover. As there is no cap on the top prize, it can reach incredible heights before being claimed! The Mega Sena jackpot record of R$289 million (approximately US$70.5 million) was set in May 2019.

If your bet has a partial match, you can check if you’ve won from the Latin lottery’s two secondary prizes divisions, which you can win by matching 5 or 4 of the winning numbers. Approximately 38% of the prize pool goes towards the second division and third division winnings, which can add up to quite a nice sum seeing as there are only two prize categories!

Any time you win a prize while betting online, you will be able to claim winnings equivalent to the official Mega Sena prize amount for the same prize tier.

Get Free Notifications of Mega Sena Results

How to get free Mega Sena betting results

Forgot to check the results again? Lotto Simple has you covered. Be on top of the latest winning numbers when you receive FREE Mega Sena betting results notifications sent straight to your email after every Brazil Mega Sena draw. How? Simply sign up in your personal account. You can also choose to be notified of the Mega Sena results via SMS.

Visit our Brazilian Lottery Guide and the official Brazil Mega Sena website to learn more.