Ireland Lotto Betting Results

Ireland - Lotto Winning Numbers

  • 181433384030

Ireland - Lotto Prize Breakdown

Ireland - Lotto Lottery Information

Guess Range 6/47
Offered In Ireland
(Local draw time)
Jackpot Type CASH

Chances to win Ireland - Lotto

Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 Prize 6 1:10,737,573
2 Prize 5+1 1:1,789,595
3 Prize 5 1:44,740
4 Prize 4+1 1:17,895
5 Prize 4 1:917
6 Prize 3+1 1:688
7 Prize 3 1:55
Check your Ireland Lotto betting results

Check your Ireland Lotto betting results

See if you're an Ireland Lotto winner by comparing the 6 numbers on your entry to the winning numbers drawn. Win the Irish Lotto jackpot prize by matching the 6 main numbers selected in the draw. The jackpot starts at an impressive €2 million and keeps growing until it reaches the €19.06 million cap. If the Lotto jackpot exceeds this, no more money will be added to the prize until it is won. This new jackpot record will then become the game’s new cap.

You can also cash in on the draw’s six secondary prize divisions by matching 3 to 5 winning numbers, with or without the bonus number. The lottery’s record jackpot of €18,963,441 was won on 28 June 2008 by a group of sixteen colleagues at a quarry and concrete plant in County Carlow. Other notable jackpots include a €16,717,717 prize won in April 2010 and a €16,390,239 prize won in October 2010.

All Ireland Lotto prizes are paid out by Lotto Simple equivalent to the prizes paid out by the official operator in the same prize tier.

Ireland Lotto statistics

Ireland Lotto statistics

Due to its relatively small guess range, Ireland Lotto is recognized for its favourable winning odds. Players are 42% more likely to win the Ireland Lotto jackpot than a first prize of a lottery with a pick 6/49 structure. The odds of winning the Ireland Lotto jackpot are an impressive 1 in 8 million, making this lotto one of Europe’s most accessible prizes.

Ireland Lotto donates 30 cents of every euro earned to good causes. Ireland National Lottery players have raised an estimated €6 billion for Good Causes across the country since the lottery launched in 1987. The National Lottery Good Causes Funding has provided funding for the following sectors: Sport; Arts & Culture; Heritage; Youth; Health & Wellbeing; Community; and Irish Language. €254 million was raised for good causes in 2020.

Get Free Notifications of Ireland Lotto Results

Get free notifications of Ireland Lotto betting results

Did you win betting on the outcome of Ireland Lotto draws? Compare your entries with the winning numbers posted here after every draw to see if you’re a winner. No time? No worries! Lotto Simple will send the latest Ireland Lotto results straight to your email or SMS for free after the official draw results are announced. To receive your free results alerts, simply sign up in your personal account

Learn more about Ireland Lotto by checking out the official Ireland National Lottery website.