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How do you bet on EuroMillions?

How do you bet on EuroMillions?

You can participate in EuroMillions draws for a chance to win huge lottery prizes, and you don’t even need a ticket in your hand! Place bets on the outcome of EuroMillions draws and you’ll be ready for when Luck comes your way, just as if you were playing the official lottery!

To make your EuroMillions bet, select five main numbers between 1-50 and two additional Lucky Stars numbers between 1-12. You can choose your numbers manually or generate them automatically with a Quick Pick.

There are two EuroMillions draws every week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00 CET! Take your chance on winning the EuroMillions jackpot! Learn more about Austria EuroMillions and other lotteries with our European Lottery Guide.

How do you win EuroMillions online?

How do you win EuroMillions online?

To win the jackpot in the EuroMillions lottery - all you need to do is match all five main numbers and the two additional numbers selected in the draw. There are 12 additional prize categories for partial matches. If some of your numbers match those selected in the draw, you could still win a EuroMillions prize!

Did you win a EuroMillions prize and how much is it worth? If you matched the numbers selected in the draw, you win a EuroMillions prize equivalent to that awarded by the official EuroMillions lottery in the same prize tier!

Check the latest EuroMillions draw results to see if you are a winner!

How much can you win betting on EuroMillions?

How much can you win on EuroMillions?

EuroMillions offers the biggest lottery jackpots in Europe! Its starting jackpot is €17 million but if that prize is not won, it keeps on rolling until it reaches a jackpot cap of €230 million.

The lottery's jackpot can remain at its maximum amount for four drawings. After this, if the jackpot is still not won, the prize money rolls down to be divided among the winners of the next highest of the lottery's 12 secondary prize divisions.

What are EuroMillions Superdraws?

What are EuroMillions Superdraws?

The EuroMillions lottery sometimes arranges special events called EuroMillions Superdraws, which are very popular across Europe. In these draws the guaranteed jackpot is boosted to €130 million independently of how big the jackpot was in the draw before. Even if the jackpot was won in the previous draw and should have been reset to €17 million, players will be able to enjoy an enormous jackpot of €130 million in the Superdraw event. The Superdraws are usually announced a couple of weeks in advance and they always take place on Fridays.

Except for the boosted jackpot, this draw works like any other EuroMillions draw. In case there is no winner the jackpot rolls over until it reaches the jackpot cap. The extra money for the Superdraw jackpot comes from the EuroMillions Booster Fund, which receives 10% of the prize fund from each regular EuroMillions draw. The Superdraws are spread over the year, usually a few months apart.