Play Brazil Mega Sena Online

How Do You Bet on Brazil Mega Sena

How Do You Bet on Mega Sena?

Want a chance at winning from Brazil’s biggest lottery? Betting on the Mega Sena draw has never been easier!

When you place a bet on the Mega Sena draw results online, you’re playing with the same games rules for the same amazing prizes! Simply select six numbers from a range of 1-60. You can do this manually, or by utilising the Quick Pick option for a set of randomly generated numbers.

Join the fun! Play Brazilian Mega Sena every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00 local Brazil time.

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How Do You Win Mega Sena Online

How Do You Win Mega Sena Online?

Mega Sena is known for awarding some of the biggest lottery prizes in all of Latin America!

So how do you win one? To claim the Mega Sena jackpot prize, you need to match all six of the winning numbers drawn. You can also win exciting Brazilian prizes by matching just 5 or 4 of the winning numbers.

Check the latest Mega Sena results to see if you are a winner! 

How Much Can You Win Betting on Brazil Mega Sena?

How Much Can You Win Betting on Mega Sena?

The jackpot prize starts at R$3 million and has no cap, meaning it will grow with every draw until won! The biggest Mega Senna jackpot ever reached R$289 million (approximately US$70.5 million) in May 2019.

Each draw also offers betters the chance to win from two secondary prize divisions. The small number of prize divisions guarantees winners bigger payouts than traditional lotteries which usually need to split the prize pool between four or more divisions.

Mega da Virada Superdraw

What is the Mega Da Virada Superdraw?

Brazil Mega Sena stages a special annual draw called the Mega Da Virada Superdraw on 31 December to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Known for consistently breaking all Mega Sena jackpot records, 2017’s Superdraw prize reached a staggering R$306 million (US$92.6 million at the time)! The Mega Da Virada jackpot is funded by setting aside 5% of the income generated from the year’s regular draws. To enter this exciting draw, all you need to do is buy your Mega Sena tickets in time for the new year!