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How Do You Bet on Brazil Quina

How Do You Bet on Brazil Quina?

Love Latin American lotteries? Betting on the Brazilian Quina gives you a chance at winning numerous prizes and a jackpot that can reach millions almost every day of the week!

Placing a Quina bet on the Brazilian draw is just like buying a ticket at a retailer. Choose your five numbers from the 1-80 guess range manually or with the Quick Pick option for a random selection. Learn more about playing on lotteries online here.

Brazil Quina draws are held six days a week, every Monday through Saturday at 20:00 local Brazil time. Quina is just one of the world lotto draws you can play online at Lotto Simple.

How Do You Win Quina Online

How Do You Win Brazilian Quina Online?

To win a Quina jackpot, match the five winning numbers selected at the draw. The Brazilian Quina jackpot starts at approximately R600,000 (approximately US$115,350) and unlike most (almost) daily lotteries, it can keep growing with every rollover! Brazil Quina’s record jackpot of R$17.58 million (US$4.5 million) was won on 9 August 2018. For an (almost) daily lottery, we think that’s pretty impressive!

While the wide range gives you less than optimal odds compared to other Brazilian lotteries, jackpots are won often thanks to the lottery’s frequent draws. Players also have a chance at claiming prizes from one of Quina’s three additional prize categories by guessing 4, 3 or 2 of the winning numbers.

See if you’ve won by checking out the Quina results after every draw!

What is the Quina de São João Superdraw?

What is the Quina de São João Superdraw?

Once a year, the Quina lottery is re-branded as Quina de São João . The special draw usually takes place on 24 June unless that date falls on a Sunday, in which case the draw is moved up by one day. The main attraction of Quina de São João is its significantly higher must-win jackpot which is usually boosted to an incredible R$140 million (US$24 million)! The prize money, if not won, rolls down to the next highest prize tier with winning players.

The next Quina de São João special draw will take place on 26 June, 2021 with an estimated jackpot prize of R$170 million.