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Play Cash4Life Online

How to Play Cash4Life Online

How Do You Play Cash4Life Online?

You can play the Cash4Life lottery every day of the week from wherever you are by selecting five numbers between 1 and 60 and an additional Cash Ball number between 1 and 4. Fill out your Cash 4 Life online entries with your Lucky Numbers or use Quick Pick to generate a random number selection.

Cash4Life draws take place seven days a week, Monday through Sunday, at 21:00 EST. Read How It Works for more information about our online bet purchasing service.

How to Win the Cash4Life Jackpot

How Do You Win the Cash4Life Jackpot?

Playing the Cash4Life online is particularly exciting as the top prize of US$7 million is awarded every day of the week. You win the Cash4Life jackpot if the five main numbers and the additional Cash Ball number on your bet match those selected in the Cash4Life draw! If your numbers are a partial match, you could win prizes in one of the lottery's eight secondary prize divisions.

Cash4Life draws take place in New Jersey and the game is offered in several other states as well. The game’s prize format is such that first prize awards US$1,000 per day for life and second prize awards US$1,000 per week for life. At Lotto Simple, these prizes are awarded as a one-time cash payout. First prize is worth US$7 million and second prize is worth US$1 million. Having the chance to win a US$7 million jackpot prize every day of the week is what makes this lottery extremely popular.

Check out the latest Cash4Life draw results every day to see if you've just become US$7 million richer!

How Do You Claim Your Cash4Life Prizes?

How Do You Claim Your Cash4Life Prizes?

When you claim a Cash4Life prize at Lotto Simple, you'll receive an automated email or SMS to notify you of your winnings! Your prize will be transferred directly into your Lotto Simple account after the official Cash4Life results are published.