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How Do You Make Bets on SuperEnalotto

How Do You Make Bets on SuperEnalotto?

It's easy to play the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery online! Simply place your bets in the exact same manner as if you were purchasing a SuperEnalotto lottery ticket. Your chances of winning are just the same!

To bet on the outcome of a SuperEnalotto draw, fill out your entries with six numbers between 1-90. You can choose your numbers manually or generate them automatically with a Quick Pick.

SuperEnalotto draws are staged on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 19:00 GMT, giving you three chances every week to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot!

How Do You Win in SuperEnalotto

How Do You Win in SuperEnalotto?

Match all six SuperEnalotto numbers selected in the official lottery draw and you win the jackpot! There are five additional prize categories and you could win If some of your numbers match those selected in the draw.

Did you win a prize? SuperEnalotto prize amounts on Lotto Simple are equivalent to the prizes paid out by the official SuperEnalotto operator in the same prize tier.

Check to see if your numbers were drawn in the latest SuperEnalotto draw!

How Much Can You Win in SuperEnalotto?

How Much Can You Win in SuperEnalotto?

The Italian SuperEnalotto lottery regularly offers some of the biggest jackpots in Europe! Although it climbs slowly from draw to draw, the jackpot can roll over for more than a year and reach amazing amounts. There is no jackpot cap so the sky's the limit when playing SuperEnalotto!

SuperEnalotto set a European jackpot record when it awarded a €209 million prize in August 2019. The previous SuperEnalotto record was set in October 2010 when a 70-member syndicate claimed a €177.7 million prize.

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