Loteria Nacional Extra Raffle Results

Spain’s Loteria Nacional stages 'extraordinary' raffle draws (sorteo extraordinario) nearly every month with incredible prize pools. Players purchase tickets, or 1/10th shares of tickets, with pre-set 5-digit codes. Prizes are awarded to tickets/shares matching the codes drawn.

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Winning Loteria Nacional

Loteria Nacional's sorteo extraordinario, staged nearly every month, is a raffle offering huge prize pools and more than 37,000 ways to win on every ticket. Players do not select their own numbers to participate in the raffle but rather purchase tickets, or one-tenth shares of tickets, with pre-assigned five-digit codes.

Loteria Nacional’s main prizes are awarded to the 5-digit codes drawn in the raffle. In addition, tickets that partially match the winning code; tickets with numbers above or below the winning code; and even tickets that have no winning numbers but contain one of the draw's two reintegro numbers, are eligible to receive cash prizes according to the official Loteria Nacional prize breakdown.

We will let notify you by email and SMS if you won a Loteria Nacional Extra prize! You can also check yourself by entering the 5-digit code of your ticket in the results checker on this page. Please note: Our results checker is not able to check for the winning premio especial share. Full results including details of the winning premio especial share are posted on the official Loteria Nacional website.

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