The Complete Brazilian Lottery Guide

As Latin America's lottery capital, Brazil stages some of the region's biggest and most popular draws. Our Brazilian lottery guide will help you decide which exciting Latin lottery you should bet on next! Each Brazilian lottery draw is special in its own way, and at Lotto Simple, you can participate in two of Brazil's biggest draws, Mega Sena and Quina! Keep reading to discover game rules, prize-winning odds, jackpot records, and more!

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How to play the main Brazilian lotteries

See what it takes to win from Brazil's biggest and most popular lottery draws - Mega Sena, Dupla Sena, Quina, Dia De Sorte, and Lotofácil! At Lotto Simple, you can easily bet on Brazilian lottery draws! Learn how to win Brazilian Lotteries, what the guess range is for each lottery, and what additional numbers you need to hit the jackpot.

Lottery Guess Range Additional Number

Mega Sena

1 - 60


Dia De Sorte

1 - 50



1 - 80


Dupla Sena

1 - 31

1 "Lucky Month" bonus number


1 - 25


Which Brazilian lotteries can you play online?

Brazil is home to some of the best lotteries available to play online with amazing jackpot offers that are simply too good to pass up. There are many popular Brazilian lotteries that players can enjoy playing online, these include lotteries such as; Mega Sena. Dupla Sena, Quina, Dia De Sorte, and Lotofácil.

Mega Sena is by far the biggest lottery in Brazil and never fails to impress lottery fans across the globe! In addition to its prizes, Mega Sena is also known for its one-of-a-kind drawing system, in which six winning numbers are selected from two cages in pairs to form 2-digit decimal numbers. Each winning number is created by picking a ball from the first cage, and then another one from the second cage. This goes on until all six pairs of winning numbers are drawn.

Dupla Sena is Brazil’s second-biggest lottery. The word “Dupla” comes from the unique feature the lottery has of selecting two sets of winning numbers at every draw. Every bet automatically participates in two consecutive draws, giving players double the chance to win the jackpot or one of the three additional prize divisions.

Quina is the first Brazilian lottery where the players can pick their own numbers instead of relying on a raffle system or sweepstake draws. Quina holds draws six days a week and offers a starting jackpot of R$600,000 (approx. US$105,945) that can reach millions by the time it’s won.

Día De Sorte has a sizeable fanbase due to its unique and fun way of letting players pick their numbers. Día De Sorte (which literally means “Lucky Day"), all the number selections are represented by the number of days in a month, days of the week and number of months in a year. Players are encouraged to pick lottery numbers according to special dates, such as their birth date, anniversaries. The winning bonus number is even announced as “the lucky month”, so when you pick 1, it's announced as January.

If you want a great chance at winning, Lotofácil is the Brazilian lottery for you! This rewarding draw is unlike any other, in that it has one of the lowest guess ranges of just 25 numbers! If that’s not enough to convince you to bet on this Brazilian gem, you also get to enter a total of 15 numbers, effectively boosting your odds of winning a prize.

Are Brazil lottery prizes taxed?

While Brazilian lottery winnings are technically taxed at a 13.8% tax rate, the prizes published before the draw are exactly what you will receive when you win the jackpot. Caixa Econômica Federal, Brazil’s official government-owned lottery operator, announces the prize amounts after taxes, so you’ll receive the entire prize amount you played for!

At Lotto Simple, you will be betting on the results of the official draw. So if the numbers you chose match a prize, you will receive the same post-tax amount advertised by Caixa Econômica Federal. See How Lottery Betting Works.

Which Brazilian lottery is the easiest to win?

Lotteries that offer higher odds of winning have bigger chances to win prizes and this is what Brazilian lotteries offer- great odds of winning! When it comes to Brazilian lotteries, you can’t beat Lotofácil, with an incredibly small range and a large selection of numbers to choose from, having a chance at winning this lottery is a breeze! If we compare Brazilian lotteries with the large US lotteries- we can see that the Brazilian lotteries have higher odds. Powerball has a probability of 1:292,201,338, which is 6 times more difficult to win than the biggest Brazilian lottery, Mega Sena. If you want prizes that are a bit bigger, Dupla Sena’s double-draw feature offers you two chances to match a prize in each draw!

Lottery Match Jackpot Odds

Mega Sena



Dia De Sorte

7/31 + PB 1/12





Dupla Sena






What Brazilian lottery offers the biggest jackpot?

Mega Sena’s jackpots are so big, that they’re also in the top 10 lottery prizes awarded by ANY Brazilian lottery! It should be noted that 9 out of 10 of the jackpots listed come from the boosted Mega Da Virada New Year’s Eve superdraw, which top prizes have gotten bigger and bigger over the years due to the superdraw’s local and foreign popularity!

Top 10 Mega Sena Jackpot Wins

Date Jackpot

31 December 2020

R$325 million

31 December 2017

R$306.7 million

31 December 2019

R$304 million

31 December 2018

R$302.5 million

11 May 2019

R$289 million

31 December 2014

R$263 million

31 December 2015

R$246 million

30 December 2012

R$244.8 million

31 December 2013

R$224.7 million

30 December 2010

R$194 million

What Brazilian lotteries offer exciting superdraws?

If you are a fan of a good super draw, then you are in luck when it comes to Brazilian lotteries because almost all of them offer one!

Mega Sena holds the well-known New Year’s Eve draw- Mega da Virada. Quina hosts the Quina de São João superdraw with an impressive jackpot of R$14 Crore, to celebrate the festival of St. John on 24 June. The Dupla Sena lottery gets into the Easter spirit with Dupla de Páscoa, offering a R$2.5 Crore jackpot. In September, there is another draw up for grabs with Lotofácil da Independência organized by the Lotofácil lottery to commemorate Brazil’s Independence Day.

Mega Da Virada

Mega Sena fans from all over the globe wait for this incredible boosted Mega Sena jackpot all year! This festive Mega Da Virada superdraw is staged annually on 31 December to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Known for consistently topping all Mega Sena jackpot records, 2017’s superdraw prize reached a mind-blowing R$306 million (US$92.4 million at the time)! The Mega Da Virada jackpot is funded by setting aside 5% of the income generated from the year’s regular draws.

Quina de São João superdraw

This Brazilian superdraw is named after the Festa de São João (Festival of St John in Portuguese), which takes place every summer on the 24th of June to celebrate the birth of John the Baptist. In honour of the festival, Quina offers revellers a boosted jackpot of R$140 million! Unlike regular Quina draws, the jackpot prize rolls down to the next highest prize division if nobody wins it. Participating in this festive draw is exactly the same as playing in a normal Quina draw, meaning players need to select 5 numbers from a guess range of 1-80 in order to win.

Dupla de Páscoa

In honour of Easter, Dupla Sena stages a festive superdraw with a boosted jackpot of R$25 million (US$6.3 million) on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. This Brazilian superdraw is played exactly like a regular Dupla Sena draw, the only difference is that the jackpot winners will take home 46% of the allotted boosted prize funds instead of the usual 30%. Dupla Sena is not the only one celebrating Easter in a special way though!

Lotofácil da Independência

Lotofácil stages a special superdraw every September in honour of Brazil's Independence Day, where it gives the usual jackpot a major boost to the tune of R$80 million-R$90 million! This annual superdraw pays out a whopping 80% of the prize funds to the grand prize winner(s) and the remaining 20% of the funds go to second division winners. The most recent Lotofácil da Independência draw on 8 September 2018 resulted in a jaw-dropping R$91.7 million! The second largest Independência jackpot of R$89.6 million was won in 2015!

Brazil’s lottery history

brazil lottery history

While Caixa Econômica Federal has been managing Brazil’s now 10 lotteries since 1961, Brazilians have been enjoying lotteries since the 18th century when Brazil’s first official lottery was held in Vila Rica in a bid to build the city’s Townhall (present-day Ouro Preto).

One very unique lottery game in Brazil that is currently illegal, though still very popular is the famous Jogo do Bicho or The Animal Game. This game was created in 1892 by Baron João Batista Viana Drummond, who was the owner of the Rio De Janeiro Zoo. When business was slow, the clever entrepreneur came up with a lottery-like game to attract visitors. Tickets with each of the zoo’s 25 animals were sold and the winning animal was announced at the end of the day. Whoever had a ticket with the winning animal would receive 20 times the ticket price. Very soon thereafter, the game escaped from the zoo to the streets of Brazil, where it transformed into a modern lottery game. Each of the 25 animals were assigned a 4-number sequence The most common way to play is to bet on an animal. If the last two winning numbers from the national daily draw forms one of the four numbers assigned to your animal (for example, the ostrich is represented by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4), you win.

But if you want to play it safe with one of Brazil’s official government-owned lotteries, you won’t be disappointed with their huge payouts and frequent draws! Bet on your favourite Brazilian lotteries right now!

Do you love playing Brazilian lotteries?

If you appreciate the unique experience and the enormous jackpots Brazilian lotteries offer, take a chance by betting on some of our other exciting lotteries from around the world!