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Check the Results of Lottery Bets

Check lottery results online on Lotto Simple after each draw to keep up-to-date with the latest winning numbers for top lottos from around the world.

The Latest Lottery Draw Results

Did you win prizes in the results of lottery bets in the latest draws? Check the winning bets results posted above, showing the numbers drawn for each lottery in its latest draw, and compare them with the numbers you chose on your lotto bet form. If you matched all the numbers, you won the jackpot! If your entry is a partial match with the numbers that came up in the draw, you could still be a winner! Check the results of the Brazil Quina draw! Check the winning numbers in Brazil Mega Sena. Maybe you are a winner!

We update this page with the latest lottery draw results on a regular basis, posting the winning numbers shortly after the official draw results are announced. But, you can take advantage of our free services and get the results even faster! Sign up to receive FREE email results alerts so that you’re updated as soon as the results are in.

Understanding Bonus Numbers

In the table above you can see that some of the numbers are displayed in blue. Each number shown in blue is a bonus number, which is an extra number chosen in a lottery draw from the same drum as the main numbers.

When you play the lottery online by betting on the draw results, you don’t select bonus numbers. Bonus numbers are drawn by the official lottery operator and they help determine some of the secondary prizes awarded in the draw. Bonus numbers are not considered when determining the winner of the lottery’s jackpot. If your bet matches some of the main numbers drawn as well as the bonus number drawn, you just might be entitled to a prize!

Understanding Additional Numbers

In the table above you can see that some of the winning bets numbers are displayed in red. Each number shown in red is an additional number chosen in a lottery draw from a separate drum.

When placing bets on lotteries with an additional number/s, you choose numbers in two separate sections of your entry, each with its own specific guess range. Winning the jackpot in lotteries with additional numbers requires matching all the main numbers as well as the additional number/s.

In the Powerball lottery, the additional number is called the Powerball. In the Mega Millions lottery, the additional number is called the Mega Ball. In the EuroMillions lottery, there are two additional numbers and they are called Lucky Stars. In this case, to win the EuroMillions jackpot, players must match all the regular numbers as well as both additional Lucky Stars numbers.