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How do you bet on Ireland Lotto?

How do you bet on Ireland Lotto?

See if you have the luck of the Irish by playing the Ireland Lotto. You don’t even need a ticket to participate in the draw! Place bets on the outcome of Lotto draws by filling out your entries with 6 numbers from a 1-47 guess range. Pick your numbers manually, use the Quick Pick option for a set of randomly generated numbers, or play with your saved Lucky Numbers.

Ireland’s Lotto stages draws twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20:00 local time. Make your Irish Lotto bet now so you don’t miss the next draw!

How do you win in Ireland Lotto online?

How do you win in Ireland Lotto online?

All you need to do is match the six main numbers selected in the official Ireland Lotto draw, and you've won the jackpot! If your numbers form a partial match, you could be eligible for a prize in one of the lottery’s six secondary prize divisions. There is also a bonus ball in every draw, giving you even more possibilities of winning.

Did you win a prize? Ireland Lotto prize amounts on Lotto Simple are equivalent to the prizes paid out by the official Lotto operator in the same prize tier.

Check to see if your numbers were drawn in the latest Irish Lotto draw!

How much can you win playing Ireland Lotto

How much can you win playing Ireland Lotto?

The Irish lottery’s guaranteed jackpot starts at an impressive €2,000,000 and keeps rolling over until it reaches the jackpot cap of €19.06 million. If the Lotto jackpot exceeds the current jackpot limit, no more money will be added to the prize until it is won. This amount will then become the game’s new jackpot cap. On 15 January 2022, a single ticket won the Lotto jackpot after it had been rolling over for more than 7 months. The player's prize was €19.06 million, which remains the lottery's jackpot cap.

Play Ireland Lotto today for a chance to win huge Irish Lotto prizes!